Moodle archive

The following links provide access to archive copies of our main Moodle site (

Moodle archive for 2013/2014 (archive created on 30 June 2014)
Moodle archive for 2014/2015 (archive created on 15 July 2015)
Moodle archive for 2015/2016 (archive created on 15 July 2016)

The archive exists so that staff and students can refer back to previous years' learning resources. Each archive copy is taken on or around the end of the summer term and is kept for a further 3 years. The archives are made available to staff and students on a read-only basis.

The archival process will not modify content or enrollments the main Moodle site. Any module enrollments that exist when an archive copy is made will be maintained, no new enrollments will be added.

The university runs modules throughout the academic year, there is no single time in the academic calendar that would ensure that central archival of Moodle courses would capture the modules in their final state. Additionally, you may encounter time-limited resources or activities, or learning resources that have been superseded. Please be aware of these limitations when using the archive.

Last modified: Saturday, 1 October 2016, 4:55 PM