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Attendance = Success!

A recent study conducted at the University has shown that students who attend lectures, seminars and classes enjoy greater levels of success. Read the full article to find out why attendance is so important if you want to be a successful student.


Contactless Count-Me-In reader icon.

Remember to "tap and take part" when you attend learning events. Simply tap your registration card against the reader to record your presence.

If you have problems with your card, please visit your local Student Services Hub or send an email to countme@essex.ac.uk.

Learn more about Count-Me-In



Phishing email

Please be aware that some staff and students have received a phishing email purporting to be from Moodle.

More information on the phishing email can be found on the IT Services blog.

Preparing for exams!

Lynda Exam Prep

Need help preparing for exams? Try this awesome playlist. Simply sign in with your Essex Id and password. Did you know you can get the free Lynda.com app for your phone or tablet to learn on the go or download and watch offline?

Watching Lynda content is a great way to supplement your learning, and gives you the freedom to explore topics that you're passionate about. You can also seek guidance from your lecturers on what material in the Lynda library is most appropriate for your studies.

IT Services
Providing your digital campus

Join the #DigitalRevolution at the University of Essex! 


Student Digital Experience Survey

This important survey is measuring students’ expectations and experiences of technology at the University of Essex. The results will be used to make things better for you. It includes questions about your access to digital tools and resources, your digital activities, the support you have for your digital learning, how you like to learn, and your views on digital learning.

It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

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