Second year computer science course on operating systems. We introduce principles that underlie the design and function of modern operating systems with reference to some currently available operatings systems. The course includes a number of practical programming projects. Topics include: basic computer orgranisation; process and thread; scheduling; synchronisation; memory management; file systems; input/output.

This course gives an introduction to formal methods, focusing in particular on logic, verification and transformation of functional programs, and state-based formal specification using Z. The course aims to cover:
  • Propositional logic
  • Predicate logic
  • Sets, relations and functions
  • Simple functional programming
  • Elementary program verification
  • State and operation specification in Z
This is a first year 30 credit CSEE module on Computer Systems and Networks. Currently the material on Moodle is for the Computer Systems part of the module. The material for the networking part of the course is delivered by other means.
CE232 Computer Networks

This is the Moodle site for the module CE304 offered in the academic year 2013-4

CF962-7-AU Quantitative Methods in Finance and Trading.

CF965-7-AU High Frequency Finance and Empirical Market Micro-Structure.

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